37 Charles St., Ottawa

front view

We purchased this white stucco, semi-detached house in January 2002 knowing that we'd have a lot of renovation to do - it was in very poor shape. We hired Barry J. Hobin & Associates as architects to manage that project. Barry Craig was our architect from that firm (he's since left).

After much planning, renovation (by Crossford Construction - contact me if you'd like to hear about our experiences with them) began in September 2002. We moved in on March 19, 2003.

Some more info about the house is available here;

It was built around 1860/1870. The wood flooring is original, except for the "newer" wood on the second floor which is reclaimed from the floor of the Ottawa River, and roughly the same age as the original pine. In virtually all the work we did, we aimed to preserve as much of the heritage feel as we could. This included a lot of custom spindle work on railings and staircases, the pine flooring, detail in the stucco sills of the extension, and more.