Ankara Agreement Business Plan Example

By | 2021/04/08

With our expertise and experience in visa and immigration over the years, we understand the system that Department of the Interior officials work on and what they are looking for in a Business Visa Business Plan. Book an appointment with us. Our team of experienced economists, market researchers and financial analysts specializing in preparing immigration plans in the UK is readily available to provide you with the necessary support and work with you to develop a compelling business plan. While the content of each business plan may vary from case to case, the fundamental objective is to achieve: Turkish businessman Visa Ankara Agreement Mann`s Solutions The Turkish business person Visa, also known as the Ankara Agreement, is aimed at Turkish nationals who wish to start a new business in the UK. The entry authorization is the first procedure for applying for a visa to enter the UK. Identify your main competitors and how they do their business in the marketplace While developing a business plan may seem like an administrative burden, many of our clients have found that a business plan helps them clarify how they implement their strategy and make the company successful. The plan will provide clarification to the owner, but it can also be used to secure financing, attract investors, support growth and provide a clear roadmap for your success. Entrepreneurs looking to enter the UK market should take seriously the multiple aims proposed through a business plan. It will not only be a catalyst for the success of the visa application, which will be decisive for the development of a large British company, but it will certainly be the catalyst for the company`s short- and long-term success. Create a first application Preparing a custom business plan. The Ankara Agreement Jan specializes in Ankara affairs agreements and regularly represents Turkish businessmen and Turkish workers. If you are a Turkish citizen and want to start a business in the UK, you can opt for a business visa (called a “Turkish business person” visa) under relatively relaxed conditions. The visa can also be used if you are considering participating in an existing business in the UK (unlike setting up a basic business).

The Turkish entrepreneur visa is issued for an initial period of 12 months and can be renewed for the next three years. In our experience, a business plan usually lasts about 4 weeks. We try to make the process as cooperative as possible and involve you as much as possible in the process to make sure you are familiar with the plan. We are also available if you have follow-up questions or if you need help submitting your application for the appropriate representation. In addition to other formalities and conditions, you must prove to the Home Office that your intentions to do business in the UK are “authentic”. Your intentions can be validated by a business plan that you must submit with your visa application and other documents. The Home Office will carefully review its business plan to determine if your intentions are “authentic” and how convenient and practical the business plan is before approving your visa application. Our team of experts can establish a detailed and quality business plan for a successful application under a Turkish corporate visa.

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