Agreement To Short Notice

By | 2021/09/10

(a) that the Meeting is deemed to be duly convened and that the final decision referred to in the convening of the Meeting is proposed and taken as a special decision, notwithstanding the fact that it is convened within a shorter period than that prescribed by the articles of association of the company and that this agreement is used to convene the general meeting in the short term in order to obtain the agreement of the shareholders; if a general meeting must be convened and held with a shorter period than the legal deadline (or the deadline set by the articles). Members may unanimously accept a shorter notice period in order to waive the above requirement. Note that, for legal reasons, you cannot remove a director or accountant at a meeting called on a short-term basis. In the case of a short-term organization of a general meeting, the articles of association of the company generally require at least twenty-one days in writing for a general meeting. The members of a company may unanimously waive the minimum statutory period of 21 days for a general meeting. All members of the company who can participate and vote in the general meeting (a copy of the communication is attached) agree: if you need to quickly agree on a meeting, you can use this document to obtain the agreement of the members (shareholders). We, the undersigned, are [all members [and nominees of members] who have a majority in the number of members [and nominees of members] and who together hold not less than [90 OR [add another digit between 90 and 95]] in the par value of the shares entitled to participate in and vote at the annual general meeting of the company; [insert date] in [Studio 3], Auriol Court, Richmond, TW9 3DF] agree that the Meeting (including any postponements) shall be deemed duly convened and that the decisions set out in the convening of the Meeting may be proposed and adopted, regardless of the shorter period of time than provided for by the Companies Act 2006 or the articles of association of the company. . .


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