Monthly Archives: August 2002

Udell; Extremism is dead

According to Jon Udell, extremism is dead. How silly! Sometimes, whether you know it or not, the truth is not shades of grey that requires finding a middle ground, it’s boolean. Take REST vs. Web services, for example. REST is a simply a superior architecture by all important measures, than what people know to be… Read More »

Grid stuff

Just reading through a relatively recent update to the Grid’s Grid Service Specification. In there, they actually provide some (extended) WSDL that is used to access all Grid services; a generic interface, who would’ve thunk it? Some of the relevant text from that part of the spec includes; In order to support discovery, introspection, and… Read More »

Composition, choreography, and the Web

I just made an interesting observation regarding all these orchestration, workflow, choreography Web services specs recently released. Let’s see who in the Web Services Architecture WG picks up on this …

Clemens on HTTP

Clemens writes some moreabout HTTP, transactions, reliability, despite his publication deadline. Go, Clemens! FWIW, I don’t disagree that this is a commonly held view, but in my view, it’s entirely incorrect. HTTP is not a panacea, but it’s also not just a web page retrieval protocol. Some point-by-point responses; I said that HTTP, without resorting… Read More »

HTTP reliability

Clemens responds. It’s a bit long to respond to in detail, but I will point out another big misconception about HTTP; that it is unreliable. It is as reliable as any other workable protocol can be without being brittle, because it attempts to expose what needs exposing, and hides what can reasonably be hidden. Going… Read More »