Seven years of WS-Bashing

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I’ll be well out of range of an IP packet next week when it happens, but next Tuesday marks the seventh anniversary of my first public anti-WS post, to Develop Mentor’s old “soap-discuss” mailing list.

I didn’t realize it until now, but James Snell gets the dubious honour of being the target of that post. It’s like he’s Steve Trachsel to my Mark Mcgwire 8-).

That is all.

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GET/POST described

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Don’s latest on GET is interesting (especially “That’s certainly where I’m investing”!), but I really liked this bit of Tim Ewald‘s comment;
The solution is a minimal footprint interaction, like a coarse-grained document transfer via a pin-hole, a la’ a Biztalk port. Exposing all your data via GET so anyone can read anything they want (modulo security concerns) and then providing controlled writes through pin-hole ports that consume documents and encapsulate the actual update process.

Bingo! Give the man a cigar.

That said, once you’ve done that for a while you will, in all likelihood (I’ve been there), find the need for the client to have expectations about server-side state changes beyond those offered by POST; PUT and DELETE are two very useful expectations.

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Spam recipes

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The view of my GMail spam folder;

Is this just Google being cute or an unfortunate search result? Either way, pretty funny.

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Thoughts on the W3C Enterprise Services Workshop

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I’ve posted some thoughts on the recent W3C Enterprise Services Workshop.

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REST books galore!

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Well, maybe not “galore”, but it looks like Leonard and Sam may have some competition on their hands; this one’s Java-specific though.

I wonder what ever happened to Kendall’s?


No more links

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I’ve decided to drop the daily links that get posted here. If you still want to subscribe to them, feel free.

The main reason for this is because I have – quite unintentionally – been using the links as a substitute for actually writing something of substance. That’s bad.