I’ll be well out of range of an IP packet next week when it happens, but next Tuesday marks the seventh anniversary of my first public anti-WS post, to Develop Mentor’s old “soap-discuss” mailing list.

I didn’t realize it until now, but James Snell gets the dubious honour of being the target of that post. It’s like he’s Steve Trachsel to my Mark Mcgwire 8-).

That is all.

Don’s latest on GET is interesting (especially “That’s certainly where I’m investing”!), but I really liked this bit of Tim Ewald‘s comment;
The solution is a minimal footprint interaction, like a coarse-grained document transfer via a pin-hole, a la’ a Biztalk port. Exposing all your data via GET so anyone can read anything they want (modulo security concerns) and then providing controlled writes through pin-hole ports that consume documents and encapsulate the actual update process.

Bingo! Give the man a cigar.

That said, once you’ve done that for a while you will, in all likelihood (I’ve been there), find the need for the client to have expectations about server-side state changes beyond those offered by POST; PUT and DELETE are two very useful expectations.

The view of my GMail spam folder;

Is this just Google being cute or an unfortunate search result? Either way, pretty funny.

I’ve posted some thoughts on the recent W3C Enterprise Services Workshop.

Well, maybe not “galore”, but it looks like Leonard and Sam may have some competition on their hands; this one’s Java-specific though.

I wonder what ever happened to Kendall’s?

I’ve decided to drop the daily del.icio.us links that get posted here. If you still want to subscribe to them, feel free.

The main reason for this is because I have – quite unintentionally – been using the links as a substitute for actually writing something of substance. That’s bad.