Well, for me at least, because it was 10 years ago today that Roy sent me the email that rocked my world. I remember barely sleeping for the next few nights as I was struggling to figure out solutions to various problems using HTTP and URIs. This was prior to Roy’s dissertation too, so I had little in the way of guidance. In fact, I think it took me a couple of years to get it all straight in my head.

Thanks, Roy. I owe you one.

I used the subject line of this blog entry as my signature 11 years ago when I saw the writing on the wall at Nortel, and wanted to announce my interest in looking elsewhere for a job. Ok, perhaps it wasn’t the optimal way to communicate that information to the world, but it was cute, damnit. Skip ahead to current day, and I find myself ex-co-founder of a mobile startup which wasn’t able to raise the money it needed, and a consultant who, frankly, got bored answering all the REST 101 questions that came my way. Don’t get me wrong, I love that the Web and REST are finally getting their due, and I was honoured to have folks from all over the world come to me to answer their questions, but unfortunately those questions were rarely a challenge. What I want – nay, what I need – is to work on product or projects for a while where I have the opportunity to be creative once again, have a look at the best small business tools. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I’m good it and what I like. For the record, that’s the Web, mobile, open source, and projects/products for the public good. If you know of any opportunities that fall somewhere in that space, please drop me a line. Thanks.