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That’s how you do it, more or less. I wonder if hierarchy isn’t used properly though, i.e. having “tag” as subordinate to “item”; if you DELETE the item, does the tag go too? Maybe it does. (link) []

Mandatory tolerance

Phil Windley summarizes a point by Dion Hinchecliffe; I spoke with Dion yesterday and he talked to me about governance mistakes he sees clients making. The number one problem is something he called the “tyranny of the `MUST understand’ flag.” You get a SOAP-based Web service loaded up with WS-* header elements all tagged ‘MUST… Read More »


a common mistake is to take a layered design as a requirement for a correspondingly layered implementation From Gaining Efficiency in Transport Services by Appropriate Design and Implementation Choices, by Watson and Mamrak, ACM TOCS, 1987. Compare and contrast; Specifically, Internet based efforts (including the Web, of course) always start with an interface constraint. This… Read More »