Monthly Archives: August 2005

I’m off!

… to the cottage for a couple of weeks. Not an IP packet in sight. For those following the recent WS-Addressing hullabaloo, I just sent my latest thoughts to the WS-Addressing WG.

Bound by bindings

Here’s a simple question for WS-* advocates; how does one take a SOAP envelope/infoset generated by the WS-Addressing SOAP binding, and send it via the SOAP 1.2 default HTTP binding? Should be trivial, right? Let’s see. Here’s an example envelope (from the WS-A spec); <S:Envelope xmlns:S=”” xmlns:wsa=””> <S:Header> <wsa:MessageID></wsa:MessageID> <wsa:ReplyTo> <wsa:Address></wsa:Address> </wsa:ReplyTo> <wsa:To></wsa:To> <wsa:Action></wsa:Action> </S:Header>… Read More »

Aggregators are splogs?

Mark Cuban writes; Whats a splog ? A splog is any blog whose creator doesnt add any written value. Im sure some might argue that packaging data , such as news feeds or the blog posts of others is added value. I dont think it is. After all, thats why there are topics and indexes.… Read More »

Web respect

Rule of thumb; any article or paper on distributed computing that lists integration technologies such as DCOM, CORBA, or RMI, without mentioning the Web, probably isn’t worth your time.

Horse before cart, except after ..?

Via Radovan, a slide set that makes some odd and ambiguous claims (granted, it is just a slide set), including this doozy; Projects and enterprises should define their Service Architecture FIRST Requirements and process need to be in the context of that architecture Geez, and folks rag on me for claiming that the Web is… Read More »


Via Don Box. Somebody has way too much time on their hands. Note also, the similarity to Make. 8-) (link) []