Monthly Archives: June 2004 – Mozilla and Nokia join forces

In a previous incarnation of this project, I was asked to move to Mountainview in late 1999 (IIRC) to work with Asko Komsi of Nokia on a micro version of Gecko/Mozilla. We were to work out of Netscape/AOL’s offices there. Politics killed it, but I heard (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]

Triple-based Computing

(Via Jacek) Digs deep into HTTP/RDF as a tuple/triple-space architecture, and concludes that this is the future of Semantic Web services. I couldn’t agree more! (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]

Nokia WS/SOA paper

Tim Bray writes about an informative Nokia paper on WS/SOA. Check out Nokia Web Services Framework for Devices – a Service-oriented Architecture. It’s a practical intro to how SOA might play in the mobile space, with some eminently sensible background work; there’s a section entitled What is a service-oriented architecture, and why is it good?… Read More »

REST Workflow paper

Stefan found a paper with a very interesting title, that I hadn’t heard anything about; Developing Web Services Choreography Standards – The Case of REST vs. SOAP. I’d heard Keith Swenson’s name a few days earlier in the context of ASAP and some of the recent buzz surrounding it, but I’ve known about his work… Read More »

Don Park’s Daily Habit – OSGi

Geez, I didn’t realize it was still going. I remember attending a meeting in 1998 when it was called the “Connected Alliance”. Neat stuff, based primarily on Anselm Baird Smith’s Java Embedded Server (JES) (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]