Monthly Archives: June 2004

Dave Orchard on protocol evolvability

A good post by David on the relationship between data format and protocol extensibility and evolvability. I’m not sure I totally agree with his conclusion – that “protocol designers […] shouldn’t have high hopes that they can regularly provide for compatible protocol evolution” – but the bulk of it makes sense. I also think he’s… Read More »

All PCd out

[Oops, I forgot to promote this to my “live” weblog last week. Here goes.] Had a blast at the Middleware 2004 Program Committee meeting in Toronto this weekend. I got to catch up with my old dist-obj buddy Doug Lea, as well as meet some people whose work I have at least a passing familiarity… Read More »

Tim Bray on Mark Hapner on WS-*

Tim writes; In recent decades, he points out, good new technologies have first appeared in rough-and-ready form on the Internet, then migrated into the enterprise. […] But all the WS-* hullabaloo is trying to go the other way; […] Yep, I’ve been pointing this out for years. But why is this so? Mark’s observation are… Read More »

Memories of Honolulu; Makana

I contributed some of my WWW2002 photos to the very cool W3 Photo project last week, and stumbled upon some others there that reminded me of what an awesome time I had in Honolulu. There was this one party in particular, at the “home” (read; “estate”) of Kevin Hughes, that I’m sure I’ll never forget.… Read More »