Memories of Honolulu; Makana

By | 2004/06/01

I contributed some of my WWW2002 photos to the very cool W3 Photo project last week, and stumbled upon some others there that reminded me of what an awesome time I had in Honolulu. There was this one party in particular, at the “home” (read; “estate”) of Kevin Hughes, that I’m sure I’ll never forget. Located on top (and I do mean top) of one of the rolling mountains behind Honolulu city, it had the most spectacular view; you could see all the way from Diamond Head on your left, to Pearl Harbour on your right, with Honolulu seemingly below you; breath-taking.

Later in the evening, Kevin introduced a friend of his, Makana, who proceeded to enchant us on his guitar amoungst a mini-studio Kevin had setup in his living room. Makana told us that he played in “slack key” style which I hadn’t heard about before, but fully enjoyed … I think; I’m not certain that I was able to identify that particular style in amoungst the melange of styles he exhibited, primarily (to my untrained ear) classical, blue grass, and folk. Really really wonderful. With the warm, gentle breeze blowing through the house as Kevin opened many of the windows, most of us were hypnotized.

But, as if all that wasn’t enough fun, one of Kevin’s friends who I had seen dragging in a cooler earlier, cracked it open to reveal a damned fine wine collection which included a bottle of 1990 vintage Penfold’s Grange. Despite a corking incident, I managed a fairly healthy glass which I nursed for the next hour. Wow wow.

Anyhow, I was disappointed to learn while looking up Makana’s web site, that I missed him in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Though perhaps that’s for the best; Massey Hall just can’t top a breezy mountain top paradise on Oahu, and a cosy, private performance for 25. But FWIW, if he’s coming your way, and you enjoy guitar, I’d highly recommend seeing him.

P.S. Damn I miss travelling.

Update; Savas, you suck 8-(

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