• A nice one from Dave. Data is clearly his forte 8-) It would be interesting to see him apply this theory to common practice with XML Schema, and RDF/XML vs. vanilla XML.
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Turns out I’ve been taggedtwice (or maybe more, who knows?).

In case they don’t cancel each other out, I suppose I should spill the beans;

  • Amsterdam is my favourite place on earth
  • I once out-smarted a domain name squatter who had somehow hijacked a domain used by my company and was holding it ransom; saved myself $2000.
  • I’m a sommelier. My favourite wines are dessert wines, fortified wines, Riesling, GSM blends, Viura, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, and Nebbiolo.
  • I’ve been developing distributed software since 1983 when I wrote a two player “space war” game for the Commodore Pets at high school using the parallel port based network for the shared floppy drives
  • My wife and I were born on the same day; August 15, 1968

I’ll refrain from tagging others because AFAICT the meme has petered out; an advantage of being days behind in news and email, I suppose.

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