Monthly Archives: May 2004

Making it stick.: Is this ReST?

Oops, good catch Patrick. Yes, an unsafe GET isn’t good (though your explanation seems to be describing idempotency of GET which is a side effect of safety). (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]


Note to self; write an article on how Internet media types, namespaces, must-ignore and must-understand conspire to provide a 97% solution to the document versioning problem (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]

Eric Newcomer on doc/lit

Via Savas, I noticed a good post from Eric Newcomer; The doc/literal style would seem to be the most abstract or the most “loosely coupled,” since it does not include data typing (although data typing is provided by an associated XML Schema) and does not include a method name in the message. Wow, I’ve been… Read More »