Monthly Archives: April 2007

Apollo and the Google brand

This report about Google’s brand power reminds me of a discussion I had with a guy from Adobe at ETech who was pushing Apollo. I was trying to figure out why somebody would want to use it, and this guy’s response was “One word; branding”. Of course, he trotted out the expected example of Apple… Read More »

Space of versions, check!

Dave Orchard on versioning; The fundamental problem with a version # in a document is that it doesn’t provide for a given document to be valid under more than one version. What we really need is to be able to indicate a “space of versions” that a given document is valid under, whether that’s a… Read More »


A quaint exchange on the WebAPI WG mailing list; >> Why not always uppercase method? > > That would upset the HTTP gods. Ok. Fair enough. I see that my work there is complete. 8-)

Attention Meradith Baker

I’m very happy your baby is 42 weeks old, and that you’ve chosen pampers for it, and that you like recipe collecting. But please note that is not your email address. Thank you.