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"2005 is the year of Web services"! Honest!

I was wondering how long that would take. 8-) And here I was thinking 2004 was supposed to be it. Or was that 2003? It’s hard to keep track, except that I’ve noticed that it always seems to be next year… at least until folks just get tired of waiting. Yet another good thing about… Read More »

Tim Ewald on REST and SOAP

He writes; I don’t think people are embracing REST services because of architectural purity (the rest of the Web isn’t pure REST, so I don’t know why this would be). Rather, they embrace it because it’s easier in a lot of cases. There is no reason that SOAP couldn’t be the same, except that toolkits… Read More »

Mnot on Web services architecture

A gem from Mark, discussing the sad state of affairs with Web services architecture. Of course, he manages to do it without sounding like he’s criticising. How’s he do that? Gotta get me some pointers. 8-) If Web services is a bag of specifications that only constrain you by accident (“it must be XML,” “it’s… Read More »

ongoing � Feedreading News Flurry

Re Bloglines services; “The barrier to entry for this REST-done-right stuff is just so absurdly low, I just can’t see any other approach being competitive.”. Yup, and it would still have been even if it were strictly RESTful.. (link) []

Do we need service specific interfaces?

Dave Orchard thinks so. But hold the phones! Along the way, we learn this; Read operations using a generic protocol (ie GET) hits the 90/10 point Woohoo! Preach it, brother! But you knew it wasn’t going to end there…8-) He goes on to defend the need for service-specific write interfaces with an example. Without getting… Read More »

Bloglines Services

Yet another service which opts for REST rather than SOA. Victory is mine! Muhahaha! 8-) (link) []

Fork ’em

Via the Now Economy, a good summary of the past few days’ goings-on regarding the WS-* mess backlash, with lots o’ links. Amen. Stick a fork in WS-*, because as Simon says, Web Services are receding

Another WS-Skeptic

Wow, the shit’s really hitting the fan this time, isn’t it? Go go stop energy! The latest entrant is a surprise (to me at least); Simon Fell, author of PocketSOAP. Though Simon and I may not like the stack for different reasons, any way you look at it, WS-* seems to be on its last… Read More »