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A format replacing a technology stack?

James quotes Dave Winer: “She told me that RSS 2.0 has become the framework for all their work now, completely replacing J2EE.”. I expect she means “RSS 2.0 and HTTP”. HTTP is assumed. Ubiquitous. Sweet! (link) []

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Yup! “I predict (and I certainly hope) that many implementations will incorporate support for RESTful applications using SOAP messages. As even Mark Baker would agree, there’s nothing inherently wrong with SOAP itself and there is no reason it can’t be a (link) []

The cost of empiricism

In the comments on an inquisitive blog post by David Megginson, Mike Champion asks; Show us the WS-* success stories, show us the secure, reliable and truly RESTifarian success stories, and let the world judge from the evidence. to which I responded; Mike – empirical evidence is wonderful to have of course, but it’s also… Read More »

When it rains, it pours

As if on queue, the Zapthink guys release a report which shows that they’ve been paying attention; Since the Web plays such a large role for SMBs in their use of Web Services, it makes sense that many of them use the cheapest, simplest approach available for implementing B2B Web Services interactions. Using approaches such… Read More »

Move along, nothing to see here

According to Rob Sayre, the REST vs SOA debate is over; If you have Microsoft saying “well, the best approach is to make this elaborate infrastructure we’ve spent billions of dollars building out optional”, then the debate is over. I noticed that in Don’s post, but figured he must have been trying to say something… Read More »

New push for SOA beyond enterprise walls

“[…] the SOA action to date has been on internal integration. That may change as organizations get their SOA houses in order and recognize that they can just as easily integrate with partners’ systems as their own.” Heh, that’s a good one. 8-) (link) []