Monthly Archives: April 2003

RSS history via state transfer

Mark Nottingham created RSS History, in order to help distinguish the various ways in which an RSS feed can be interpreted. A very useful feature, for sure, but I think I have a better idea about how to do it. If you think of a blog in terms of one agent receiving a compound document… Read More »

Web services struggle for adoption

Doug Kaye finds an article about the struggles that Web services are having in getting uptake, at least as reported by CIOs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any reader of my blog, given some of my past predictions, but frankly I wasn’t expecting it to be as grim as this suggests; hype can… Read More »

Etag-enabled wget wrapper

Dan Brickley finds a wrapper for wget called, which adds Etag support to wget, making for a much more network-friendly Blagg/Blosxom aggregator combo.

*Now*, I’m back

Argh, I forgot to s/eth0/ppp0/ my firewall ruleset after the switch to PPPoE. That explains a few things (such as why I’m the only one accessing my Web server 8-). Sigh.

I’m back

One house move, two ISPs, and three line card swaps later, an IP packet finally graces the new Chez Baker. I first got 2.2M/1.1M ADSL ethernet service back in April of 1998. Five years later, the best I can do is 1.3M/160K PPPoE, albeit for about half the price.

OASIS versus the W3C

Don Park writes OASIS is now looking at a lionshare of key specs that will dominate the Internet and intranets in the near future. Compared to them, W3C is looking pretty devastated [with disinterest and hopeless dreams] at this point. I’ve heard that from a number of people over the past couple of years, but… Read More »