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links for 2007-01-30

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | ETech 2007 APP Interop Testing “I will be going to ETech this year”. Me too. (tags: etech oreilly sandiego conference) All Things Distributed: Jim Gray Missing at Sea Oh my. Let’s hope this ends well. Best wishes to his family. (tags: jimgray microsoft)

links for 2007-01-26

Messages not Models: Web Service of the Future: Comment Spam “Guess what web technology, right now, most successfully uses microforms a.k.a. forms-driven web services” (tags: rest web forms) W3C Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing: Program … including my paper, yay! (tags: w3c webservices rest web)

links for 2007-01-25

1 Raindrop: Pragmatism in the house “The whole WS-* versus REST thing is beyond tedious. They are both supposed to be about interop not world dominance.”. I think the Web’s doing pretty well with both, actually 8-) (tags: rest web webservices) ZapThink :: Become a Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) I wonder if I’d pass? 8-)… Read More »

links for 2007-01-23

Vinography: A Wine Blog: The New White Rioja: Progress or Perdition? Aiee! If this makes it more difficult for me to find my beloved Viura, then blah. (tags: wine rioja spain viura) Heh httpd.js – what a cute moniker (tags: http httpd web webserver javascript mozilla)

links for 2007-01-20

This word – “Web” – I do not think it means what you think it means. Heh. Don’t dis Chris Wilson though – I’ve never met him, but I’ve heard from several people I trust that he’s a good guy. (tags: web microsoft webservices) RFC 2616: I am seeking ladies for nothing but sex that… Read More »

Lovin’ my XBox

I snarfed me an XBox 360 with Aeroplan points this Christmas, and have been having a blast with Gears of War, Project Gotham Racing 3, and especially Marble Blast Ultra (James’ favourite too). I’ve been playing all of those in multiplayer mode too. Gears of War in particular, has three different multiplayer modes, one of… Read More »

links for 2007-01-18

The Ajax Experience – Denial of Service Comment Spam and the Maxthon Browser 5687 POST requests in the past 24 hours for me. Fucking spammers. (tags: wordpress spam weblogs) Help Expose the URLs that Suck! Fun! But be careful with those URLs that delete stuff (on a GET)! (tags: uri url) ePass Canada: Unsupported Browser… Read More »

links for 2007-01-17

Matthias Ernst’s Weblog: Maybe it’s time to think a little further Via Stefan.. “you may note that some of the REST principles apply to properties” Indeed, it was in part my experiences with Java Beans (and Glasgow) that helped me realize what the Web was. (tags: rest web) Could This Be Why People Don’t… Read More »

links for 2007-01-16 Web Architecture Lab Cool. Also interesting is that Roy chose the URI “” to identify himself. Interesting. (tags: rest web webarch apache)