I snarfed me an XBox 360 with Aeroplan points this Christmas, and have been having a blast with Gears of War, Project Gotham Racing 3, and especially Marble Blast Ultra (James’ favourite too).

I’ve been playing all of those in multiplayer mode too. Gears of War in particular, has three different multiplayer modes, one of which is novel (to me at least, as a long time PC gamer); the ability to play the single player campaign cooperatively with another human. I used this a couple of times on boss levels that were too difficult for me to manage with only the help of a computer partner. Nicely done, Epic.

If you’re on XBox Live, send me a message or a friend request; I’m “GongaThrash” (my old D&D handle from high school).

Sam writes that Glen Daniels has added HTTP GET support to Axis. Good job! Though I think my suggestion was cleaner, lined up well (semantically) with how other methods are invoked, and didn’t require that odd hack which suggests that a GET request is not a request message(!). Oh well. Thanks, Glen.