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I’m getting pretty jazzed about the coming month. This Saturday morning the family and I are departing for Narita (Tokyo) airport in Japan. We arrive late in the afternoon, so booked a night in Narita, figuring we’ll be spent by then (did I mention the four year old?). The next AM we hop on a… Read More »


My consultancy gets a Web site. Articles to come… (link) []

What was that? Preparing for the Harvest

Maybe when the big budget projects fail they’ll turn to the “quick fix” solutions that the rest of us know will work and are, in fact, more architecturally sound.” 8-) (link) []

JSR 170 White Paper, by Roy Fielding

Includes a good intro section talking about Web vs. Web services. Nice quote; “Application development doesn’t have to mirror the complexity of its applications.” (link) []