Monthly Archives: April 2005

Fill in the blank

Here’s a few quotes from a presentation I found. I’ve replaced the name of the technology with “____” below, and it’s the same technology in each quote. What is it? A key concept of the data web is this idea that the response to any ____ request will either contain data or another address at… Read More »

Accidentally RESTful

I’ve talked about both the pluses and minuses of Amazon‘s approach to Web Services for some time now. Recently, I’ve heard that they’re in the process of greatly expanding those services, which is great. But I think that before they go too far with that, they should really dig a little deeper to learn why… Read More »

Simplicity as goal

John McDowall on simplicity; Making simplicity a goal in integration is key to success – it can be an aspirational goal i.e. integration may never but point and click but unless the goal is simplicity rather than solving many imaginary problems then the possibility to asymptotically approach it will never happen. So setting simplicity of… Read More »

Drummond Reed; Web identifiers are broken

Drummond mints a corollary to one of Kim Cameron’s Laws of Identity; The identifiers in a universal identifier metasystem MUST only reveal information identifying a user with the user’s consent. … and follows it up with this bold claim; So half the Web breaks this corollary before we’re even out of the starting gate. But… Read More »

Anti-smoking ads

Paul Hoffman likes this anti-smoking ad. I dunno, it doesn’t seem like it would be too effective to me. Sure, it’s shocking, but why should shocking stop people smoking? That said, it seems vastly superior to the hopeless Ontario Government campaign titled – get this – Stupid (with accompanying sucky tv ads). Uh huh. Disrespecting… Read More »