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Has SOA jumped the shark?

“But, if SOA really is so abstract and elusive, what else is there? What’s the alternative?” (in my best Horshack voice) Oh-oh-oh-oh! (link) []

where are the chinks in MySpace’s armor?

“Social networks have personalities and demographics, so there are always going to be more than one, and if there are always going to be more than one then the successful ones will learn about the benefits of interoperability” (link) []


In response to Tim Bray’s piece calling bullshit on SOA, Loek Bakker responded with some comments that get right to the heart of the matter, IMO; WS-* services and REST services are not competing, they are complementary. Web Style serves another purpose than SOA. Consumer-facing services have other QoS requirements than high-volume, cross-platform A2A transaction… Read More »

Yes, that’s my gmail address. Apparently, a lot of people disagree. I get a handful of “To initiate the process for resetting the password” emails a week, initiated by M Bakers who’ve forgotten their account names. I also receive a surprising number of emails to other M Bakers. In fact, last week some one of… Read More »


Dave Linthicum asks; With lack of interest in UDDI there seems to be a need for another directory standard to come up and take its place. 8-O As I previously pointed out, directory standards simply aren’t required because we have the Web. But whether or not you buy the “Web for machine-to-machine integration” position, I… Read More »