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Oh so enterprisey!

I was in need of a good enterprisey example, but rather than looking for one, I figured it was probably simplest just to sit back and wait for it to come to me. That didn’t take long;

We do need to address such challenges, but won’t get anywhere by quickly cobbling together yet more geeky mashups. We need tools with a proper process foundation that not only support the work but allow it to be managed, and such tools will be based on an in-depth understanding of human collaboration and its management rather than some current techie fad.

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Annrai makes progress

Ok, that last one was a cheap potshot at Annrai’s latest, but the article offers some interesting wisdom, this bit in particular;

The Wiki metaphor (and its implementation) is the perfect vehicle for sharing and managing SOA artifacts across an organization. Then if anyone makes a change to a service that you are interested in, RSS should be able to inform you when that happens and you can make any necessary changes.

It sounds like he’s describing more of a management interface, but hey, it’s a start. It’s a short step from there to realizing that all services can spit out RSS notifications upon a change of state, not just ones monitoring other services.

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