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links for 2006-11-30

Web Things, by Mark Baker » Blog Archive » Architecture by Intent Four years later, and we still don’t know the architectural constraints of Web services/SOA 8-( (tags: webservices softwarearchitecture principleddesign) The case against AGW « Ranting and Roaring “Is this science? Truth? No, it’s the voice of goons.” +1 (tags: globalwarming agw) RESTing the… Read More »

links for 2006-11-28

The Dilbert Blog: The One Problem with the World “[..] if you have an incredible idea of your own […] people around you will consider you a moron right up until the point your idea works. Then they’ll think you’re a lucky moron. Genius looks just like stupidity to the observer” (tags: design) YouTube –… Read More »

links for 2006-11-27

Wilbur-and-O: I don’t mean to get off on a rant here… “Is there going to be Web 2.1, followed by Web 2.2 (or perhaps 2.2 alpha)? Don’t you people have better things to do?” 8-) (tags: web web20)

links for 2006-11-25

Crutchfield Canada Woohoo, more competition for Futureshop/BestBuy (tags: crutchfield canada electronics) Axis2 “REST” support: we only build the gun; you fire it “The right thing to do, of course, is only offer a GET binding to safe operations and not to everything” No, Sanjiva, that’s *not* the right thing to do. The right thing to… Read More »

links for 2006-11-24

Riding Rails: Rails 1.2: Release Candidate 1 “This is where the biggest benefit is hidden: A clear approach to controller-design that’ll reduce complexity for the implementer and result in an application that behaves as a much better citizen on the general web.” Cool. Too bad Ruby makes me ill. (tags: rubyonrails rest web) November 25th,… Read More »

REST is a CLM?

According to Steve Jones, REST is a career limiting move; But as with any technical discuss there is another thing that should drive you when you look to your decisions. This is whether you want to get fired for a decision when something goes wrong, and whether you want your skills to be relevant in… Read More »

links for 2006-11-23

YouTube – Dice Stacking Damn, is this for real?! (tags: dicestacking) Axis2: This Ain’t REST An example of how Axis2’s “REST support”, isn’t. (tags: rest soap axis) Experiences with WSRF – Bruno’s Blog A Grid-type embraces the Web. (tags: rest web grid webservices) “Face time” A hilarious, unpublished (in papers) Dilbert. (tags: dilbert) Using POST… Read More »

links for 2006-11-22

ACM Awards “ACM has three distinct member grades to recognize the professional accomplishments of our members” (tags: acm award) Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life – What Do Yahoo Employees Think of the “Peanut Butter Manifesto”? My thoughts *exactly* (tags: yahoo)

links for 2006-11-21

Sam Ruby: The H stands for Hyper “with REST, this turns out to be easy to fix”. I have to disagree that this is a quality of REST. One could easily build that capability into specs looking a whole lot like SOAP/WS-*, but you’d still have a crappy architecture. (tags: rest webservices)