Spent some time thinking about how the Apache Axis project could support the SOAP 1.2 “Web Method Feature”, the major architectural difference between SOAP 0.9/1.0/1.1, and SOAP 1.2. I’m not sure that many Web services folks understand the implications of this yet, but it’s clear to me that it dispells the notion of SOAP as a layer, which is bound to mess with some software. Layers hide other layers beneath them, but what the Web Method Feature says is that a developer must be aware of which HTTP method they’re using if they’re using SOAP bound to HTTP. Let’s hope they all see it that way too. 8-)

The topic is being discussed on axis-dev now.

The big news from yesterday, WS-Security is submitted to OASIS. For those who don’t think Web services have much of a future, this is really good news for the Web and the W3C, as it removes influence from the Web Services Activity, specifically the Web Services Architecture Working Group (of which I’m a member, but that I’d be happy to see go away). Of course, many Web Services proponents are quite concerned, as it puts more control in the hands of MS and IBM.

Welcome to my first blog! Here’s why I’m calling it “Mark Baker, Tech Curmudgeon”.

I believe that distributed systems that work at Internet scale are extraordinarily difficult to build; much more difficult than is commonly believed, even amoungst those who know that it’s difficult. I believe that there are very few people on this planet who have the expertise necessary to architect such a system. Of course, the Web isn’t the only example, but it’s a great one because of what it can do (as compared to, say, email or FTP, which are limited in their capabilities).

So when the “next big thing” comes along, and it’s not developed by people who I know get how difficult it is, I’m naturally skeptical.

I’ll try not to offend anybody with my posts, but since my job is to be critical of others’ work, and people invariably put a lot of themselves into their work, this is going to be hard to achieve. But please know that it is not my intent to criticize any person or group of people, only to critique technology.