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Fence sitting arguments

Mark Little responds to an interesting post by Bill Burke about compensation based transactions. I don’t really have any direct response to the gist of that discussion, but wanted to highlight a couple of Mark’s arguments that I consider to be probably the top two arguments by those who feel there’s value in both the… Read More »


A quaint exchange on the WebAPI WG mailing list; >> Why not always uppercase method? > > That would upset the HTTP gods. Ok. Fair enough. I see that my work there is complete. 8-)

links for 2007-03-01

Integrate This»Blog Archive » W3C Workship slides online My slides from the workshop. Thanks to plh for the PDF conversion. (tags: w3c wsec rest webservices soa restvsoa restvsoap)

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Sound advice: SCADA, Architectural Styles, and the Web “I would like to close this section with the observation that there seems to be a spectrum between the needs of the Web at large, and the needs of the enterprise.” (tags: rest web webservices w3c wos-ec upcoming:event=154567)

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Knowing.NET – Service-Oriented Systems That Actually Do Something “I say that, six or seven years into the Web Services era, the onus is on the WS-* advocates to prove the need, because the advocates of KISS approaches have, I think, amply demonstrated the viability of their approaches.” (tags: rest soa webservices restvsoa restvsoap) IBM Submission… Read More »

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Messages not Models: Web Service of the Future: Comment Spam “Guess what web technology, right now, most successfully uses microforms a.k.a. forms-driven web services” (tags: rest web forms) W3C Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing: Program … including my paper, yay! (tags: w3c webservices rest web)