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Embedded Google maps: more opacity

I think Google really missed the mark with its attempt at embeddable maps. I suppose something is better than nothing for the myriads of folks who want this functionality, but when a simpler, less opaque solution (read; declarative), GMapEZ, has existed for ages, you have to wonder what Google were thinking. The blob of HTML… Read More »

Apollo and the Google brand

This report about Google’s brand power reminds me of a discussion I had with a guy from Adobe at ETech who was pushing Apollo. I was trying to figure out why somebody would want to use it, and this guy’s response was “One word; branding”. Of course, he trotted out the expected example of Apple… Read More »

Declarative Ajax catching on

Just a quick followup on a previous piece, Ajaxian picked up a couple of declarative Javascript stories today; Declaritive Ajax components and XML namespaces, referencing a great Dave Johnson post. a new ZK Google Maps components, which is used declaratively Any move of the pendulum in this direction is a-ok by me. But to be… Read More »

WAP-think invades Mobile Web 2.0

How has Mobile Web 2.0 come to this; One way that Web 2.0 companies can similarly adjust their services for mobile devices is by relying less on browser-based applications and more on small software clients that users can download onto their phones. “The browser will fade into the background,” said Wood. The article’s not all… Read More »

Towards best practices for mashups

I previously pointed to the announcement of the shutdown of a version of the Google Adwords API, and commented that this really isn’t the way to go about versioning your Web 2.0 APIs. I’ve been digging into Google Maps recently, and noticed that they’re making the same mistake; The v=2 part of the URL http://maps.google.com/maps?file=api&v=2… Read More »

Declarative Drag-and-drop

I was looking through the scriptaculous drag-and-drop pages tonight, and stumbled upon this markup/script snippet; <div id=”photo1″> <img … /> </div> <script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript”> new Draggable(‘photo1′,{revert:true}); </script> Isn’t that just screaming out for declarative Javascript? So I quickly hacked together a teeny tiny script to present the Javascript API via a declarative interface. See it… Read More »

Dave Winer and the "Truth" about RDF

So quoth Dave Winer; After all these years, I’ve concluded that if I can’t understand it, it doesn’t have much of a chance in the market. Well, without taking potshots at Dave, I think this is a fairly poor way to judge a technology. The interaction of a technology with its users is an incredibly… Read More »