I think Google really missed the mark with its attempt at embeddable maps. I suppose something is better than nothing for the myriads of folks who want this functionality, but when a simpler, less opaque solution (read; declarative), GMapEZ, has existed for ages, you have to wonder what Google were thinking. The blob of HTML you get might as well be Javascript, or heck, even a Java applet in the sense that it’s opaque to all but the most inquisitive of developers.

This is becoming a bad trend.


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  1. What was Google thinking? Control. Advertising. Who can blame ’em; 99.9% of the users of this ‘technology’ could care less that it’s not really ‘open’. They’ll open it back up when they have to; when a competitor gets close enough to what they can do, with an open story. I’m not holding my breath. Would be a good opportunity for MS to become a white knight, perhaps.

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