A little REST and Reaffirmation

By | 2007/09/17

Seems like folks are excited about Roy’s upcoming ApacheCon talk.

The title – A little REST and Relaxation – is the same title as the keynote (video) he gave at Jazoon this summer, so I assume it’ll be similar if not the same (hopefully a bit longer, as Roy’s obviously rushed for time in the video).

I liked the talk a lot, as you might have guessed. I particularly liked how Roy echoed some of the things I’ve said the past few years nearly word for word. For example, he talked about how SOA was effectively the null architectural style. He also talked about the pros and cons of relaxing REST’s constraints, including the very high cost of relaxing the uniform interface constraint (something I’ve pointed out many times), but the relatively low cost of relaxing client/server.

Update; Pete reminds me that Roy used the Lego analogy, which I’ve used before too.

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