Monthly Archives: January 2005

The application protocol meme makes the rounds

Ah, gotta love permathreads. 8-) Stefan did such a fine job with his response, that I think I’ll just “+1” it (yes, including the agreement with Chris, gasp! 8-) rather than respond myself. Thanks, buddy. I also wanted to add, in response to Chris, that I only brought caching up as an example of something… Read More »

Evasive spam?

Is my spam filter on the fritz, or is anybody else seeing a whole lot more spam in their (filtered) inbox? I usually get 2 or 3 a day, but the few days I’ve received an average of about 25 a day.

Gudge responds to the wsa:To issue

Gudge graciously continues the discussion. Here’s my lengthy response that I spent far too much time writing, then rewriting… despite having two Monday deadlines! 8-O Regarding my concern that WS-A doesn’t require placing the destination address in, for example, the HTTP request line rather than the wsa:To header, he writes; I really don’t see how… Read More »

Google AdWords API beta

It goes live! It’s too bad it uses SOAP/WSDL rather than HTTP/XML or SOAP/HTTP, but hey, it’s some form of access to something that was previously unreachable (unlike their search APIs), so therefore a Good Thing. (link) []

Stop the soap usage!

As seen on the www-ws list. No commentary required. 8-) I installed SOAP on my computer, but I now want to remove it. Please provide the mechanism in your software to allow the public to remove it and its pop-ups. I want my computer back when I make the decision. I have tried to remove… Read More »

(not so) Grand challenges

I love stuff like this; a list of grand challenges for IT in the next 20 years. Too bad some reward money wasn’t allocated! 8-) Here’s one up my alley; Scalable ubiquitous computing systems: Not only do we want our devices to interact predictably and reliably, we also want them to interact with every other… Read More »

XMLP WG done?

With the publication of this trio of specs, I expect the WG is now finished. Phew! Pay close attention to their work, in particular SOAP, MTOM, and XOP (RRSHB can safely be ignored). If anything remains of Web services in five years, this’ll be it.

Don Box: MTOM/XOP/RRSHB are finished

“David Fallside rocks.”. Amen to that. He was supposed to leave the WG in 2002 IIRC, yet stuck it out for the 4+ years. He’s the Steven Pemberton of XML messaging. 8-) (link) []