Monthly Archives: February 2004

Messaging alternatives?

Phil Wainewright writes; There is no alternative to messaging. Your only choice is good messaging or bad messaging. Mostly, sure. But sometimes, when you’ve got very good messaging beneath, it becomes possible to see new patterns of communication in the aggregate. Shared memory, for example. As I was just writing to someone in private email,… Read More »

Reinventing RDF

Ed Dumbill writes; I’m wondering how long it will be before everybody’s completely reinvented RDF in the search for what it had all along. Yup. Any day now, I expect. In fact, I bet BEA is working on something as we speak given Adam’s comments, plus the recent flurry of work by Dave Orchard. Anybody… Read More »

APIs and documents

Sean spots an old message of Don’s. Yup. As yet another contribution to this discussion, here’s some light hearted Jeff Foxworthy style “humour” (well, my best go at it anyhow). You know you might be using APIs, when a firewall is something you’re trying to hide from, rather than something you’re trying to help. You… Read More »

Steve Vinoski, weblogger

Steve has been an unwitting mentor of mine for almost ten years now. I used to read his and Doug Schmidt‘s articles religiously in the mid 90s, and have enjoyed his more recent work too. I’m sure his weblog will be just as insightful. Welcome, Steve.

Towards an RDF Protocol

I’ve been doing some work with extensible protocol envelopes recently, with a very strong emphasis on size, processing efficiency, extensibility, and evolvability. On a lark, since I’ve been thinking about it for a few years, I thought I’d try to toss in the use of RDF, just to see how far I could go with… Read More »

Must DELETE yield 4xx?

On the brand-spankin-new REST IRC channel (does anybody have the ability to set up a chump and/or log bot?), Joe Gregorio asks; [18-Feb:17:02 jcgregorio] ok, quick question about DELETE, does success mean the URI *has* to then go 404 or 410? [18-Feb:17:02 jcgregorio] here is the context [18-Feb:17:02 jcgregorio] I am adding support for the… Read More »

Gulp, gulp

A flurry of systems aching to be engulfed by the Web this week; XMPP SIP Voicemail LDAP SNMP Welcome aboard!

WS-I tracking

I started tracking another Web services metric last night; the number of WS-I members. I’m not expecting this to bare any fruit (i.e. show the expected decline) anytime soon, as that will certainly lag the non-deployment of Web services on the Internet by at least a couple of years. But it’ll be interesting to watch… Read More »


Oh my, WS-Discovery is a Web service spec I might actually use! Horror! 8-) When I heard what it was, and that it was written by BEA, I was sure that Yaron Goland would be involved, after all his related work on UPnP. He wasn’t, nor was he even acknowledged. Odd. But there’s not really… Read More »


Chris still isn’t seeing it; And you either recognize this: <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=””/> or you don’t. In all cases, you need to read the specs. Did you notice that in my example document there’s no RDF namespace? I was trying for an apples-to-apples comparison. If an XML document is also an RDF/XML document, then an RDF… Read More »