Monthly Archives: June 2003

Rogue AV Spider Referer Goo

Yesterday, I got a whack load of Altavista “goo” in my referer log. It all came from a single machine, The requests were for valid URIs on my web site, and some of the referer URIs were valid, but it had nothing to do with this site or the URIs being requested. I’ve seen… Read More »

So that’s what an XML Catalog does

I’ve heard about XML Catalogs before, but never in a context that piqued my interest enough such that I’d want to go learn what they were. Thanks to Norm Walsh’s description of them today in his weblog, I now know. The idea, it seems, is that you need different identifiers in different contexts. So, for… Read More »


Simon St. Laurent reports on Norm Walsh’s XML is not Object Oriented essay. Simon writes; The only thing I can think to add is that XML is pretty explicitly a rejection of an aspect of OO practice that Norm touches on only briefly: encapsulation. Everything accessible all the time is pretty clearly a hallmark of… Read More »

Don Park likes Tuple spaces

While noting that Roguewave has terminated its XML/tuple-space project, Ruple, Don Park wrote; I am getting a dangerous itch to apply tuplespaces to web services workflow problems. TupleSpaces are extremely powerful as coordination infrastures so tuplespaces and web services go very well together IMHO. Don, do you realize that REST’s uniform interface (GET/POST, etc..) defines… Read More »

TimBL on the Semantic Web and Integration

Jeremy Allaire posts a transcript of a “conversation”(?) with Tim Berners-Lee on the Semantic Web at PC Forum. Here’s a snippet which includes some of Tim’s words, plus Jeremy’s commentary; TBL: business model for semantic web is the biz model of the web. it’s how apps interoperate, it’s how apps talk. short answer: dramatically reduce… Read More »