Yesterday, I got a whack load of Altavista “goo” in my referer log. It all came from a single machine, The requests were for valid URIs on my web site, and some of the referer URIs were valid, but it had nothing to do with this site or the URIs being requested. I’ve seen referer spam before, but this didn’t appear to be it (hence “Goo”), as the referer sites weren’t obviously commercially oriented or associated in any way.

Here’s some of the log entries; -> /2002/09/Blog/2003/02/06 -> /2002/09/SemanticWebHumour -> /2001/03/James/2002/OneYearOld/112-1276_img.html -> /2001/08/Tremblant/105-0518_IMG.html -> /2001/11/37Charles/2002/Renovation/113-1365_img.html -> /2002/09/Blog/2002/12 -> /2002/09/Blog/2003/06 -> /2001/03/James/2002/OneYearOld/112-1249_img.html -> /2001/08/Tremblant/dirindex.html -> /2001/03/James/AfterWeek6 -> /2001/03/James/2002/OneYearOld/112-1231_img.html -> /2001/03/James/2003-Two -> /2001/03/James/2002/OneYearOld/113-1331_img.html -> /2002/09/Blog/2002/10/25 -> /2001/11/37Charles/2002/Renovation/114-1417_img.html

Has anybody else seen this?


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