I guess my partner and I were just way ahead of the curve with “Idokorro” in 2001. 8-)
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“every internal-facing SOA-based deployment should always be configured as if it were outward-facing” Amen. That’s why the Web/REST should be the starting point for SOA.
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“We had a bit of a false start here with SOAP-based Web Services”. A “bit”?! 8-)
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“The point is this, if you want to make long term technology bets do so with something that’s been around for 20 or more years and is still in heavy use today”. Amen! (would 15 years be ok though? 8-)
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I must have missed this when it came out 2+ years ago, and though there’s lots I disagree with, it’s good to see REST mentioned as a peer alongside the likes of CORBA, DCOM, etc..
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“REST is much more loosely defined and opportunistic than a SOAP-based approach” That’s the second time I’ve heard that in recent weeks. Where on earth does it come from?
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Ping’s not happy;

Canada now has a conservative minority government. This hasn’t been such a good day, for several reasons.

… but I think a Conservative minority is the best thing for this country right now. They fully deserve it, as they ran a brilliant campaign, toning down the usual (anti) social rhetoric, and presenting a solidly fiscally conservative plan. They even kept their loons on a leash; no small feat.

It’s a shame Harper’s such a freak (anti-gay, anti-choice, …), but he’ll be kept on a short leash with a minority government, especially as the NDP doesn’t have enough seats to give him control of parliament, and he’s already said he won’t form a coalition with with the separatist BQ.

Most importantly though, the Liberals got the kick in the ass they so desperately needed.

I’ve got a very long layover in Vancouver on Thursday, on my way to
Sydney (an old booking trick that increases your probability of getting an upgrade
… just not this time 8-( ); I arrive about 10:00, depart about 18:00. There’s
lots of work I can get done in the lounge, but if anybody’d like to get together
for lunch or whatever, that’d be cool.

My cell.

Eric writes, in the context of discussing the coupling of client and server via interface (getStockQuote) semantics;

No, it doesn’t need to understand the semantics. It’s enough to define the data and associate it with a service name.
A pretty thorough critique of Rails from a REST perspective, including Dan Kubb’s proposed extensions. Peter, take this to the microformats-rest list.
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