Monthly Archives: November 2002

Architecture by Intent

Jorgen Thelin points to a John McDowall blog about Architecture by Intent in which John talks about how Linux kernel upgrades requiring hardware upgrades is a bug requiring more architectural emphasis to fix. When I first read Jorgen’s blog, I assumed that John was talking about Web services; I have a one track mind, I… Read More »

Winer, again

Dave Winer says; SOAP and XML-RPC were started to make it easy to build applications that viewed the Internet as if it were a LAN. which is 100% true, and at the same time, 100% the wrong thing to do. The Internet is not a LAN. On a LAN, there’s one administrative/trust domain, and on… Read More »

Uniform Interface, take 12

Greg Reinacker responds to the earlier discussion Jon Udell and I were having about uniform interfaces. The emphasis of his response is on my generalization post to www-ws-arch, in particular the part where I generalized from getStockQuote() to getQuote(). He may very well have a point that this step is pointless, I don’t know. But… Read More »

Fielding on Web Services (and Waka too)

Michael Radwin reports from ApacheCon 2002 about Roy Fielding‘s presentation on Waka (his planned HTTP 1.1 replacement), and Web services. There’s a lot of good stuff in Roy’s (PPT) presentation, but Michael appears to get the point Roy was making about Web services backwards. They don’t solve the N^2 problem, they are the N^2 problem.… Read More »

Dave Winer and the "Truth" about RDF

So quoth Dave Winer; After all these years, I’ve concluded that if I can’t understand it, it doesn’t have much of a chance in the market. Well, without taking potshots at Dave, I think this is a fairly poor way to judge a technology. The interaction of a technology with its users is an incredibly… Read More »

KnowNow goes Open Source

Finally, I was asking them for this over two years ago! The mod_pubsub project has been established at Sourceforge, with IFindKarma leading the way. I’m sure I’ll be making use of it, perhaps on this very blog.

James Strachan on SOAP/REST

James Strachan sums it all up when he says; […]Whatever happens in this whole web services thing, I do think alot of good has come from it already. Its forced people to think alot about distributed systems and why the web works and scales – there’s a lot of great lessons there. Its also brought… Read More »

Will Distribute Objects for Food

I’m officially unemployed now. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing next, but I’ve already been contacted about doing some consulting work in the enterprise Web services space. Consulting would be “ok”, but it would be nice to have the relative comfort of a “9 to 5” job for a little while after a… Read More »

Uniform vs. Specific Interfaces

Jon discusses the pros and cons of uniform versus specific interfaces. This really is, as Dan Connolly described, a “fascinating tension”. So Jon’s in good company. 8-) I agree with the gist – that there are pros and cons to each approach – but I disagree with the conclusion. Towards the end of the blog,… Read More »