James Strachan sums it all up when he says;

[…]Whatever happens in this whole web services thing, I do think alot of good has come from it already. Its forced people to think alot about distributed systems and why the web works and scales – there’s a lot of great lessons there. Its also brought together lots of diverse communities from the web side of things, from MOM folks and distributed objects folks. If nothing else its made us look again at distributed object technologies like DCOM, CORBA, EJB and ask lots of questions – I think its also taught us what a leaky abstraction the traditional view of distributed objects are.

This is exactly my view. Once this is all resolved – and I hope for the industry’s sake that it is soon – a lot more people will be appreciative of the extent of the gift that TimBL gave to the world, and the principled design that Roy laid out for us.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

And FWIW, I’ve maintained my “distobj” email address for a reason; the Web is a distributed object infrastructure, with the critical innovation that all objects implement the same interface (have I said that enough yet? 8-).


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