Monthly Archives: November 2003

Jeff Schneider on coupling

Jeff asked me to have a look at his attempt to quantify the concept of “coupling” from a REST perspective, which I’m happy to do. I like what I read there quite a bit, in particular the emphasis on an aspect of large scale systems that I rarely see mentioned; the role of intermediary introduction… Read More »

Feedback on my SDO comments

James Strachan responds to my SDO comments suggesting I missed the point. I don’t think I did. Perhaps James missed the point of my comments. 8-) He writes; To help set Mark straight; Servlets are a Java API for implementing HTTP operations. (Incidentally Servlets don’t have a client side – for that you need to… Read More »

Feedback on "Building the Web"

Stefan Tilkov thoughtfully responded to my “Building the Web with Web services” blog. Here are some of his comments. In response to my assertion that documents/state don’t ask anything of anyone, he writes; Er … well, I think I can see the point, but I can’t really make sense of the examples. So, a purchase… Read More »

IBM and BEA reinvent the Web

Service Data Objects. Oh my. Here’s some snippets from a whitepaper; The core SDO specification provides the base APIs that are applicable to all types of data sources That’s the definition of uniform!! The SDO architecture is based upon the concept of disconnected data graphs. Under the disconnected data graphs pattern, a client retrieves a… Read More »

Workflow patterns

Via David Forslund, a pointer to a set of workflow patterns. Good stuff. I’ve been contemplating updating my Hypermedia Workflow paper, and this would be a good base from which to restructure it. I also just stumbled across a paper entitled “Workflow Description for Open Hypermedia Systems” which sounded intriguing, but was I ever disappointed… Read More »


Norm lists the countries he’s visited. I’ve wanted to put together a similar list of my own for a little while, since I stumbled upon a list (wow!) put together by Paul Cotton‘s daughter Cecilia earlier this year. Here’s mine. That’s 22 I’ve slept in, and 26 I’ve been too. Not too bad. But I… Read More »

Tim Bray on Office Schemas

Tim relays some news from Jean Paoli, that in addition to releasing the schemas for the Office formats, documentation will be released too. He writes; In general, I think that this kind of tech doc is an order of magnitude more important than schemas,[…] Big +1

Document/literal Web services on the Web

Until last week, the SOAP document/literal examples I’d seen differed from the rpc/encoded ones only by the encoding. Then I spotted this example (in section 5.1 – sorry, no URI) in the WSDL 2.0 Primer; <?xml version=’1.0′ ?> <env:Envelope xmlns:env=””> <env:Body> <customerName>Kevin Liu</customerName> <checkInDate>2002-09-01</checkInDate> <checkOutDate>2002-09-10</checkOutDate> <roomType>double</roomType> <comments>the customer will be arriving late in the evening</comments>… Read More »