Monthly Archives: May 2006

Why the decimal point?

“I am firmly of the persuasion that SOA 1.0 is a fundamentally ill-founded idea, so SOA 2.0 might be twice as bad”. LMAO! (link) []


Last week marked a turning point. I enjoyed myself at XTech (as usual), where, as you’d expect, a lot of the talk was about Web 2.0, mashups, and yes, even “Web services”. Thankfully though, it’s not the usual “Web services”; what I noticed (confirmed by others), much to my surprise, was that the users seem… Read More »

What’s wrong with SOA being ‘enterprisey’?

“I concur that ‘enterprisey’ should not be a “derogatory” word” Noooo! Derogatory is the point. You guys have “enterprise”; go nuts with it. “Enterprisey” is for people who have to put up with “enterprise”; leave it alone! (link) []