Monthly Archives: April 2004

GMail, anyone?

Google is looking to expand the GMail beta. My old buddy Nelson hooked me up with an account last week, so now it’s my turn; I’ve got two invites to pass along. Who wants one?

RESTful Jeff?

He writes; Per my earlier note, I have evaluated my feelings on the units of REST: and goes on to “support” or “strongly support” all of the high level mandatory constraints of REST. He also offered some very insightful observations on some of the differences between REST and Web architecture; REST is a single candidate… Read More »


Welcome (back!), Mike Dierken, fellow REST enthusiast. Subscribed! (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]

RESTful or not?

In response to my suggestion that he was on the road towards Web enlightment, Jeff Schneider asks; Perhaps if one of the REST supporters would give me the discrete rules for REST, I could more clearly state my opinion. To quickly answer that question, the “discrete rules for REST” are its constraints. You need only… Read More »

Service Oriented Enterprise

Jeff Schneider on the road to Web/REST enlightenment. GET, PUT, and POST are, in my experience, most of what you need in a verb set. (link) [Mark Baker’s Bookmarks]

Bray on Web services

I’ve wondered before where exactly Tim Bray stands on Web services. Now I know. I agree with him more than I disagree, but there’s something I very strongly disagree with him about. Where I do agree with him is in the need for simplicity; things have gotten totally out of control, and we need to… Read More »