In response to my suggestion that he was on the road towards Web enlightment, Jeff Schneider asks;

Perhaps if one of the REST supporters would give me the discrete rules for REST, I could more clearly state my opinion.

To quickly answer that question, the “discrete rules for REST” are its constraints. You need only read Roy’s definition of REST to discover those, things like statelessness, resource identification, self-description, etc…

But I wasn’t suggesting you were a RESTafarian, only that you’re asking the right questions that, in my experience, lead to REST/Web enlightenment.

What do getStockQuote and getInvoice have in common? “get”. Can I use getStockQuote to return real time as well as delayed stock quotes? Duh, of course, I don’t need getRealtimeStockQuote and getDelayedStockQuote for that. So why can’t “get” be used to return stock quotes and invoices?


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