Monthly Archives: December 2004

Rocky Stewart

I was blown away today when I read Graham Glass’ blog to learn that Rocky Stewart passed away this past October. Rocky was a brilliant, out-spoken technologist and educator who I had the pleasure of interacting with on many occasions in the mid/late 90s, on and off the Distributed Objects mailing list. If there’s any… Read More »


Hmm, somehow I’m just not too excited about things this year. Perhaps this has something to do with me making the most intriguing prediction – the inevitable death of Web services on the Internet – three years ahead, two years ago. But first, let’s see how I did with last years predictions… As alluded to… Read More »


I did the little I could today, to help with the cleanup from the horrific Indian Ocean tsunami; I gave to Oxfam Canada. Please consider doing the same.

Belated entry on DaveO on services and objects

I just discovered this article by David, apparently reprinted from an old weblog entry that I must have missed while at XML 2004. While I think I’ve said my piece on the topic of distributed objects vs. services, I wanted to respond to a couple of points in the article … First, in the “State”… Read More »

5 Web services that matter

“If you simply build [Extensible Markup Language]-based applications and keep them behind the firewall, you can’t call them Web services” – Amen (link) []

At your peril

In response to an issue I proposed in the WSA WG, this; can we avoid going down the standard “mark baker” issues here? Ouch! That hurt. But sure, you can ignore them. You do so at your peril, but feel free. You just might want to keep in mind how previous attempts at doing that… Read More »


A great post from Clay; And this is the ur-message of Flickr use at ITP – this is what web services looks like when it’s not “Web Services.” No SOAP, no UDDI, no BPML4WS, just good old REST-alicious modeling of resources, and an adopting population that wants to get things done. This is an easier… Read More »

WS-Addressing and HTTP as transfer protocol

An interesting post from Dave. A few comments… I’ve been saying for a while now that I think it’s a shame that SOAP 1.2 didn’t define a general SOAP to HTTP binding that used HTTP as a transfer protocol, for the previous 2 reasons. It does, Dave. The default binding is a transfer binding; I… Read More »


Phew! My Linux box was commendeered this weekend, by parties unknown. I’m still figuring out how exactly that happened, but after struggling with trying to make it workable (a virus was involved), I gave up and reinstalled. Kudos to Knoppix, a real lifesaver.