Monthly Archives: May 2005

Pet Peeve of the day; ground rule double

I’m just watching the Jays beat up on the Mariners on the tube, catching up on email. Raul Ibanez of the Mariners hit a ball deep to right field, just off the line. It bounced once, about 15 feet from the wall, then quietly deposited itself in the front rows of the stands. The announcer,… Read More »

Lost email

If you’ve sent me email since Tuesday evening, please resend it, as it appears as though it’s lost … either that, or its stuck in the same queue that resulted in me receiving a message from May 3 today. Some sort of odd interaction between and my ISP, I think.

Marc Hadley’s Blog: Introducing WADL

Hey, not a bad stab at a description language by Marc. It seems to carry along some WSDL baggage though, in that it has both operations and methods(?!?!). Which defines the contract, I wonder? (link) []