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WSDL operations via HTTP

Via Stefan, this from Dave Orchard; If there’s a core concept to examine in REST description languages wrt WSDL, it’s whether WSDL’s aggregation of operations into interfaces and then binding to http makes sense. As my grade two teacher used to say, “No sh*t, Sherlock”! 8-) Actually, she didn’t say that, but wouldn’t it be… Read More »

Scripting News: 5/15/2005. Platforms.

“[…]SOAP, XML-RPC and REST (although they didn’t name XML-RPC, I think it’s more widely deployed than the other two)” Almost, Dave. You’re just off by an order of magnitude of orders of magnitude. (link) []

Web services really *are* considered harmful

At least according to my panel – and the audience – this afternoon. This was Tim Bray, Adam Bosworth (who’s a total REST-head now it seems), myself, and Fumiaki Yoshimatsu (a Japanese co-worker of Jeff Barr from Amazon, subbing for him), ably moderated by Rohit Khare. It went well. Very well in fact. Better than… Read More »