Web services really *are* considered harmful

By | 2005/05/13

At least according to my panel – and the audience – this afternoon.

This was Tim Bray, Adam Bosworth (who’s a total REST-head now it seems), myself, and Fumiaki Yoshimatsu (a Japanese co-worker of Jeff Barr from Amazon, subbing for him), ably moderated by Rohit Khare.

It went well. Very well in fact. Better than I expected. It was largely the Adam and Tim show, of course. Both those guys really know their stuff in addition to knowing how to tell a good story; a lethal combo that a poor-story-telling tech-head like myself can’t really compete with. My little opening statement presentation was well received though. The panel moved along very smoothly, and quickly too; I was concerned with the 90 minute duration, but we could have gone another 90.

The audience feedback was incredible. The first woman up had this huge grin on her face saying “Thank you for that breath of fresh air!”; she had no question, but just wanted to share the love I guess. 8-) But when the only backlash you get from audience comes from Hugo Haas, I think you’re doing ok. 8-) (hugs, Hugo! 8-)

It’s too bad all the WS-* proponents originally scheduled to participate had to cancel, as their participation would have added an extra degree of credibility. But I think the large amount of unanimous-but-for-Hugo glowing feedback we got put to bed the idea – that I was concerned about, in fact – that it wouldn’t be very credible.

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