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links for 2006-10-30

A Completely New HTML WG “Admitting you were wrong and a willingness to change course is great example, and far too rare in today’s hard-liner “Stay-The-Course” world” +1. A breath of fresh air from the W3C. (tags: w3c html)

links for 2006-10-28

Sam considering WSO2 Sam considering WSO2. See my comment. (tags: webservices rest) A Gamers’ Manifesto “I mean, let’s face it: strategy is all that guy’s got going for him. He has no limbs and he’s already on fire.”. ROTFL! (tags: gaming funny)

links for 2006-10-27

Tom Palaima: The evil that men do lives after them “Evil doesn’t come like Darth Vader dressed in black, hissing. Evil comes as a little bird whispering in your ear”. Poignant. (tags: evil) Who, me? I think the co-anchor should have taken that one! (tags: funny) Why REST Failed Are urban design plans considered a… Read More »

links for 2006-10-26

Apollo – the Adobe Web browser “We spent a considerable amount of time researching a number of HTML rendering engines for use in Apollo”, “Apollo will be distributed […] with Apollo applications”, “Is Apollo a web browser? No”. Call it what you like, but it’s a browser. Blech. (tags: adobe browser) People Over Process: Adobe… Read More »

links for 2006-10-25

Web of Services for the Enterprise (Eric Newcomer’s Weblog) Eric provides some more info on the upcoming W3C “Web of Services for the Enterprise” workshop. I hope to attend. (tags: rest w3c soa webservices restvsoa restvsoap) The Dilbert Blog: Good News Day Wow. What a beautiful, inspiring story about one man’s (Scott Adams) principled design… Read More »


Via David Wragg, a pointer to a great description of the roles and responsibilities of senior technical staff, written by a former colleague, Mark Kampe. Interestingly, that version was drafted 4 weeks after my tenure began (retroactively) as a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen it until now. The snippet that… Read More »

links for 2006-10-23

Traffic Web Services – Traffic Dynamic RSS “Traffic Web Services are also available through the Traffic REST API.” Erm, so there’s an RSS API *and* a REST API? Does .. not .. compute. REST != XML/HTTP. I’d say scrap the “REST API”. Nice work otherwise though. Keep it coming. (tags: yahoo webservices rest xmlhttp)

links for 2006-10-22

SOA does not simplify communication “Ashwin walked us through the SOA Architectural Big rules. I made notes, crossing out the errors and replacing them with the relevant REST principles.” A good read. (tags: rest soa web webservices restvsoa restvsoap)

links for 2006-10-21

REST Web Services (PDF, German) Heh, he said “MIME Typen”. I hope I’m not offending anyone by finding that cute 8-) (tags: rest webservices soap restvsoa restvsoap german) CIO Paul Coby is Waiting for VHS Heh, I love it; SOA as Beta 8-) P.S. Jeff, the VHS version came out 15 years ago, not 5.… Read More »

Declarative Ajax catching on

Just a quick followup on a previous piece, Ajaxian picked up a couple of declarative Javascript stories today; Declaritive Ajax components and XML namespaces, referencing a great Dave Johnson post. a new ZK Google Maps components, which is used declaratively Any move of the pendulum in this direction is a-ok by me. But to be… Read More »