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WAP-think invades Mobile Web 2.0

How has Mobile Web 2.0 come to this; One way that Web 2.0 companies can similarly adjust their services for mobile devices is by relying less on browser-based applications and more on small software clients that users can download onto their phones. “The browser will fade into the background,” said Wood. The article’s not all… Read More »

links for 2006-10-19

Some techniques for pretty URLs Not just the usual “Cool URI” suggestions… (tags: rest http uri url) One thing Why REST kicks SOA ass in one word. (tags: rest soa webservices corba dcom) Why Does WFS Dislike the Web? Doh, it should have been on the Web all along! (tags: rest web restvsoa restvsoap webservices… Read More »

links for 2006-10-18 Introducing WSGI: Python’s Secret Web Weapon, Part Two Hmm, I like the idea of a common substrate for Python Web apps, like Servlets provides for Java. But a *gateway* interface for doing it? Ack. IMO, that layer needs to reflect HTTP to the upper layers properly, as Servlets do. (tags: wsgi python rest http… Read More »

links for 2006-10-17

REST Epiphany Thanks, Paul. (tags: rest soap webservices web http) Does the Enterprise (Vendor) Get the Web? “The question is, do they really get it?” I’d love to be wrong, but I suspect not. (tags: rest web services) John Battelle’s Searchblog: Oh For $30 million in Google Stock, Circa 2003 It scares me to think… Read More »

links for 2006-10-14

Snake Oil-oriented Architecture “If you ignore the S in SOA for a moment and shine an uncompromising light on your organization’s software development practices, you may come to realize that there perhaps are some simple fundamentals you need to work on first, so that you can then appro (tags: soa softwarearchitecture) Stephen O’Grady on Office… Read More »

links for 2006-10-13

Communication Between REST Services This guy wins my “Best user name” award of the day; omarshariffdontlikeit. Presumably inspired by (tags: username theclash omarshariff rockthecasbah) REST: It’s required – Los Angeles Times The LA Times takes up the cause … 8-) (tags: rest)

links for 2006-10-11

HNS – Top 10 Web 2.0 Attack Vectors “It is important to protect WSDL file or provide limited access to it. In real case scenarios, it is possible to discover several vulnerabilities using WSDL scanning.” Hmm. (tags: wsdl webservices security) BlackBerry HELP! “The BlackBerry HELP! website is designed for use with the BlackBerry browser” …… Read More »

links for 2006-10-10

Ironick: Ideas DO Have URIs “An idea is no more or less nameable via URIs and describable via representations than it is nameable by words and describable by sentences” (tags: web webarch uri rest)

links for 2006-10-07

Design by Committee: WSO2 “I’ll be working on ways to make the consumption of Web Services as trivial as possible, and the deployment of Web Services just as simple” (tags: wso2 webservices jonathanmarsh microsoft)

links for 2006-10-04

Flickr Services: Flickr API: flickr.people.getPublicPhotos “To map elements to urls, please read the url documentation.” That’s the biggest problem with the Flickr API; the data you get back doesn’t include links. (tags: rest flickr webservices) – Innovation thru constraint Is there any other kind? (tags: design constraints) MPEG-2 HD Test Patterns Must haves for… Read More »