Monthly Archives: August 2004

What *is* SOA?

A great post from Rich Turner (subscribed!) via Stefan. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that this backlash is happening. It’s inevitable whenever there’s no definition to back up a buzzword. Since SOA is an architectural style, it needs to be defined in the language of software architecture, something that nobody is doing … well,… Read More »

Friendster no friend of mine

I cancelled my Friendster account today, in protest of their decision to fire a friend of mine, Joyce Park. This was apparently, as I understand it, just because she blogged about work related matters, although without revealing anything which wasn’t already publicly available. The mind boggles. If you’re doing Web stuff, you could do no… Read More »

Expanding my blogging horizons

I realized a little while ago that my blog roll was quite one dimensional in the subject matter it aggregated (namely, distributed computing). So, I’ve decided to augment it with some other feeds related to a broader love of mine, design (in general, not just software). For reasons unknown, I seem to be in a… Read More »

Uche Ogbuji on Web services

Uche writes; But putting the misery of these experiences aside, I’m surprised at how little I’ve had to worry about SOAP. As it became clear to me that Web Services were becoming a menace to much of the goodness wrought by XML, I worried that I would be forced to do a lot of gritting… Read More »

Sean on queues and resources

He writes; Simply put, business resources should be “one step back” from HTTP IMHO. When you send non-idempotent messages to a resource (e.g. POST/PUT), you send them to its inward bound, asynch message queue. You do not directly interact with the business resource. Interesting position on queues, but I think you’ll eventually run into problems… Read More »

Where’s the resources?

Savas asks I am talking about an architecture which only has services and messages, so where are the resources? Aha! If that ain’t the $10,000 question … So, here’s my smart-ass 2c response; Show me a message(*) and I’ll show you a representation of the state of some resource. (*) a ProcessMessage message, aka a… Read More »

Savas gives REST some good lovin’

In a really awesome essay (sorry for the delay, I was on vacation), Savas ponders, among other things, what it would mean to be a RESTafarian. It seems the one thing holding him back from being a card carrying member of the club though, is that the whole idea of binding application semantics to a… Read More »

What REST fundamentalists are missing

According to Radovan anyhow 8-) Everyone programs in something different, so let’s just do protocol-based integration, where we will just agree on the format of the messages we are going to exchange over the wire. I think this is the thing some ‘REST fundamentalists’ are still missing… No, I think we get that. Or at… Read More »

An example of WS-Addressing silliness

Right from the spec, we have this example of an EPR; <wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa=”…” xmlns:fabrikam=”…”> <wsa:Address>http://www.fabrikam123.example/acct</wsa:Address> <wsa:ReferenceProperties> <fabrikam:CustomerKey>123456789</fabrikam:CustomerKey> </wsa:ReferenceProperties> <wsa:ReferenceParameters> <fabrikam:ShoppingCart>ABCDEFG</fabrikam:ShoppingCart> </wsa:ReferenceParameters> </wsa:EndpointReference> Somebody please tell me why on earth that isn’t a URI? You know, something like; http://www.fabrikam123.example/acct/123456789?ShoppingCart=ABCDEFG