I realized a little while ago that my blog roll was quite one dimensional in the subject matter it aggregated (namely, distributed computing). So, I’ve decided to augment it with some other feeds related to a broader love of mine, design (in general, not just software). For reasons unknown, I seem to be in a headspace recently where I’m noticing design in practically everything. In fact, Adam scooped me on one of them a couple of weeks ago; designing a startup (more on that later, perhaps, as it’s something I have a lot of experience with).

So far I’ve only found two feeds that turned my crank (though without much effort on my part, admittedly); MoCoLoco which presents creative examples of industrial design, and Tesugen by Peter Lindberg, which seems to cover design in general, though with an emphasis on urban design and software architecture.

If anybody knows of any others, I’d be grateful for recommendations.


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