I’m Principal Architect at Zepheira, where I design and develop lightweight Web based solutions to large integration problems. I’ve done some consulting in recent years too, and prior to that founded a company, Rove IT (now a Solarwinds company), who provide innovative mobile systems management and administration solutions for the enterprise. I also spent three years at at Sun Microsystems, which had acquired my previous company, Beduin Communications. I was Beduin’s CTO. My principle areas of interest and expertise is Internet scale distributed systems, the Web, standards development, software architecture in general, and mobile/wireless. See my resume for more detailed information.


As an originator or editor of a specification, some stuff I’ve done includes; I’ve also contributed to; WAP 2.0, RFC 3023 “XML Media Types”, SOAP 1.2, XHTML Modularization, XHTML 1.1, XML Events, RFC 3470 “Guidelines for the Use of XML within IETF Protocols”, Compound documents. I am an unabashed lover of the Web, in particular the two primary specifications that made it all possible (HTTP 1.1, and URIs), and the architectural style, REST, that was used by Roy Fielding to craft them (at least as far as one person could in a concensus driven process). I spend far too much of my free time educating others, and generally evangelizing the profound implications of the Web and REST.


If you’re wondering whether I’m that Mark Baker that you knew years ago (but somehow didn’t recognize my picture above 8-), here’s a list of some group affiliations, past and present. Ask me about Filippo Runcini


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