Monthly Archives: March 2003

Mark Pilgrim on XHTML Basic

Mark talks about how he implemented his Dive Into Mark Mobile Edition, and in doing so talks about XHTML Basic, which I co-edited. He’s mostly correct, but there are some points I’d like to respond to. The “link” element has a extremely low conformance profile; all it means to support it is that you don’t… Read More »


Sam, in apparent response to my claims that some people see constraints as bad things, writes this; There are those who appear to advocate a null architectural style with respect to data. Who claim that content type independence is not a bug but a feature. Who imply that few constraints on data is a good… Read More »


I’m moving on Wednesday, and sometime over the next day or two my DSL service will be cut off, which will take down my Web server, and with it, my weblog. I hope to be back up by the end of the week, but the odds of that going smoothly are pretty slim. If you’re… Read More »

Software architecture poll

I want to ask a question of the Web services community about software architecture. My question is; Do you believe it is possible to make an error when architecting a software system, that would make it practically impossible for that system to be successful, no matter how much support there is for it in industry?… Read More »


Ok, would somebody like to tell why the heck we need WS-Addressing? Just address the darned resources directly, and be done with it. There’s simply no excuse for hiding resources in the post-Web era. Also note the telling mistake in the first sentence, which keeps being made despite my continually pointing it out; Web Services… Read More »

Infopath and XML Web services

Sam comments on my Infopath feedback; I’m pleased to see such a ringing endorsement by Mark Baker of XML Web Services. Well hang on there. That isn’t “XML Web services”. Or if this is the new benchmark of a Web services architecture (has that been decided and nobody told me? 8-), then what the heck… Read More »

Checking out Infopath

I just thought I’d see what all the fuss is about, and check out Infopath. I just ran through the online demo that’s there. Very nice, but like Edwin, I’ve really got to wonder about the wisdom of doing this as part of Office, as it’s just such a perfect fit for the browser. Hopefully… Read More »

Emulating the Internet

Congratulations to Werner Vogels and his group on having their proposal for (amoungst other things) emulating the Internet accepted for funding! Werner writes; The philosophy behind the testbed is to use a small high performance cluster (4 nodes) with 20 Fast Ethernet interfaces and an internal Gigabit ethernet interconnect to emulate the core of the… Read More »

The Web is Dead

So says George Colony, the CEO of Forrester. The Web is dead and will be replaced by an executable architecture Bunk.

I Believe

Sam writes; Mark Baker is upset because SOAP permits usages which are not, in his and many people’s opinion, well architected. Usages such as RPC. While many of Mark’s arguments resonate with me, he tends to throw the baby out with the bathwater. He might as well say that Python is not a good language… Read More »